I cultivate compassion For human beings everywhere: Both for those whom I personally love, and even for those whom some would label as my enemies.

On this, my home page, I offer you my welcome, share my brief self-introduction, express my passionate concern, tell about my mission and explain what I mean by living action.

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Brief Self-Introduction
Mission Background: My Passionate Concern
My Mission
The Meaning of "Living Action"

Brief Self-Introduction

Greetings! Welcome to my Living Action website. I'm delighted that during your voyages through cyberspace you've chosen to visit my virtual planet.

I hope that you will welcome my introducing myself to you. My name is Vid Axel.

To tell you a bit more, I provide full-time care for my elderly father, who suffered from a stroke in December 2007. I also provide care for my daughter, Aliana Axel, to whom my wife, Cherita Axel, gave birth in 2002. In addition, I homeschool with Aliana.

Cherita and I have sustained our happy marriage since 1999; have romantically involved one another since 1997; and have closely befriended each other since 1995. You can visit Cherita 's personal website here and her professional website here.

I offer consulting, classes and courses in the process of Communicating Across Differences and I participate actively in Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist, the website for which lives here.

I enjoy interacting with my family and friends; reading; writing fiction and nonfiction; developing my personal worldview of living action; exercising; and making all my activities as playful and fulfilling as I can.

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I feel fascination about human beings. In developing my personal worldview, when I consider the impact of and interconnections between the numerous areas that interest me, I feel captivation and curiosity. Such areas include evolution and biology; pre-history and history; mythology and religion; philosophy, psychology and related science; as well as culture, society and politics.

In living my life, I strive to balance growth, love, creativity and play. I also aim to promote both inner and interpersonal authenticity, understanding and harmony.

Of course, as does anyone, during the course of my journey I also sometimes experience struggle, adversity and pain. When I do, with any conflict that may arise, I strive to engage it constructively.

I'm grateful for your presence here and I invite you to explore. For more information About Me or regarding my Current Activities, please click either link in this sentence. For more information about this Living Action website, please continue reading on this page.

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I. Mission Background: My Passionate Concern

When I put the principle into practice that authentic human needs endure in harmony I find that I far more deeply meet my needs - including for understanding, explanation, personal growth, interpersonal harmony and even love.

I find that this principle holds true both in my interpersonal relationships and within me.

I find this principle holds true even as I consider local, national and world events.

In my experience and judgment, by acting on the assumption that our fundamental needs inherently conflict - an assumption in relation to which I feel profound dissatisfaction - I vastly reduce the odds that I will discover mutually satisfying strategies by means of which to meet both my own and others' needs. In my view, by acting on such an assumption we draw our attention and energy away from our natural harmony and instead create unnatural, and, too often, violent or even life-destroying conflict.

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Tragically, to my deep sadness, I find that in scores of ways, my cultural upbringing (and that of most individuals worldwide) has taught me (and has taught them) to proceed - often without conscious awareness - as if such inherent conflict will unavoidably, perpetually and hopelessly persist.

Even so, I feel deep conviction that by understanding and putting into practice the principle that our authentic needs endure harmoniously - and that when conflict arises it does so at the level of alterable strategies rather than at the level of inherent needs - I will far more deeply value and contribute to my own and others' fulfillment.

When I keep my focus on these considerations, I feel powerfully hopeful.

For these key reasons, as a central theme for this site, I emphasize my conviction that authentic human needs endure in harmony.

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II. My Mission

With this Living Action website, I embark on a mission to:

communicate with energy, imagination and compassion;
honor the human potential;
celebrate the joy of life; and
enrich both my own and others' well being.

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III. The Meaning of "Living Action"

When I put into practice the following principle, I also find that I enjoy far deeper satisfaction than when I do otherwise. Every living being acts with the aim of satisfying its authentic, life-serving needs. In my experience, not always does a living being happen to enact the strategy that succeeds in meeting such life-serving needs - but it always acts with that aim.

If this principle holds true for living beings generally, then it holds just as fully for human beings. In my view, our challenges involve

keeping our attention focused on our authentic, life-serving needs
discovering the strategies that most likely will meet those needs, and
putting such life-serving strategies into practice.

In my judgment, by acting to enrich both my own and others' living action, I can most deeply satisfy such needs and live in a joyfully fulfilling way. All of this helps provide the foundation for my conviction in the power of non-sacrificial, mutually invigorating compassion.

Because within myworldview the concept "living action" serves as such a central principle, I choose to call this my Living Action website.

Both in terms of my everyday life and in terms of my broadest, personal principles I seek to express myself with passion and conviction. I hope to do so in a way that will help to fulfill both my own needs and those of others. In this way such others can share in my journey, vision, ideas and blog.

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With the help of my Living Action website, you can explore my


and submit your own comments.

My Background includes:

my Introduction to this site
my About Me area in which I explore my personal background and influences
my Current Activities
my Credo, in which, as briefly as I know how, I meditatively encapsulate my worldview
my more detailed Worldview Summary
my Categories of Balance and
my Lexicon of terms that I frequently use and to which - for the sake of clarity - I link from various other parts of this site.

My Blog (located here) includes posts about my daily activities, photos, expressions of gratitude and news about the evolution of this site.

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My Connections include:

information regarding how to contact me
links to other sites
additional articles that I've written and talks that I've presented
guest contributions and
my site's policy.

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I welcome your further exploration of the following subjects.

why I created this site
in some detail, my personal background and influences
my encapsulated history of my background and influences in my March 26, 2006 Affirmation
my Credo, in which I articulate my worldview meditatively and briefly
my more detailed Worldview Summary
my site's policy
my Current Activities
my Categories of Balance
my latest blog entries

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