On this page, I share my reasons for having created this site, which include wanting to express myself both succinctly and in detail.

If you haven't yet, I also invite you to read my brief self-introduction.

Table of Contents

Expressing Myself
Succinctly and in Detail

I. Expressing Myself

As I've indicated on my home page, with this Living Action website, I embark on a mission to

communicate with energy, imagination and compassion;
honor the human potential;
celebrate the joy of life;
and enrich both my own and others' well being.

For most of my life, as an aid both to living more joyfully and to envisioning how I might encourage others to do the same, I've striven to develop, articulate and live with the assistance of a system of personal principles that would help satisfy my needs for soundness, integration, inspiration and practical guidance.

In addition, ever since I learned how, I've loved to read and write both fiction and nonfiction.

During the course of the year 2005, though, I experienced profound frustration. After repeatedly listening to others discuss their views, I realized that in more situations than I would prefer, I had remained silent. With reflection, I appreciated that I'd rather contribute more actively to such dialogues.

Yet when I tried to express my views on a given subject in the form of a "sound bite," often I felt uncomfortable.

Especially since I endeavor to systematically integrate and organize all my core principles, I felt concern. Sometimes, when I've wanted to express how my opinions on specific issues interrelate with my more abstract convictions and worldview, I feared that I would fail to express myself as clearly as I'd like.

Never has this seemed more important to me than in my relationships of life partnership (with my wife Cherita) parenthood (relative to my daughter, Aliana) caregiving (of both Aliana and church; locally; and in the wider world).

Even so, I recognized that those wanting to learn more about my views might sometimes need efficiency more than detail. So, when I've deemed it likely to serve both their needs for communication and mine, I've also sought to discover ways in which to express my views more succinctly.

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II. Succinctly and in Detail

With these considerations in mind, I decided that by creating a web site that includes a blog plus much more, I could express myself both succinctly and in detail.

Now that my life partner Cherita has helped me to create, launch, update and upgrade this site, sometimes I express myself here briefly in specific entries, and sometimes in more detail in other comments to which I provide links.

Over time, as I add material, I enlarge the context of my meaning. As briefly or extensively as you wish, you remain free to explore the views that I express here. In addition, others' comments help me to learn more, form new principles, and hone those that I've already developed.

I anticipate that this web site will continue to help me to:

grow as a person
express my love for human beings and for our potential to enrich both our own and each others' lives
share my enthusiasm for play
imaginatively create
report on the details of my life's journey
develop my personal convictions
embody those convictions in the living of my life and
integrate and direct all of that in an increasingly life-enriching way.

To the extent that my ideas strike others as sound, as those others also embrace life's challenges, I hope that they will find my ideas helpful in meeting their needs.

I hope that you will enjoy participating in this process.

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